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Please review and sign the Choices in Counseling Telehealth Therapy Consent Form to continue therapy services during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis.
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Choices in Counseling’s Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus):
In direct response to the ongoing developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Choices in Counseling wants you to know that your physical and emotional health and safety remains a top priority.

We take great pride in the services that we deliver to our clients. In an effort to continue to ensure the safety of our clients, following guidance from the CDC and local and federal government and health officials, we are transitioning away from in-person therapy services to a Telehealth Therapy model at this time.

As stated before, we remain committed to providing support and services to our clients. Choices in Counseling and all of its staff will be working hard to keep our services available via telehealth therapy as we continue to provide the best support possible for you and your family.

Please review our telehealth therapy guidelines below:

"Helping to bring the pieces of your life together in harmony."

Do you or a family member struggle with stress and uncertainty in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed? Have you tried to improve your situation over and over only to find that you still have not found the solution to your problems? Do you want to have some help but just don’t know where to turn?

Maybe its time you made the choice to work with a professional therapist. It's time you choose Choices in Counseling. By choosing therapy services with Choices In Counseling you will discover a wide range of comprehensive counseling and mentoring services that are designed to help you and your family bring all the pieces of your life together in harmony.

If you are struggling with personal, family, or work concerns we can provide support, guidance and education through a variety of different treatment solutions. In our private practice we are able to offer our clients a variety of treatment options including individual, couples and family therapy, for children, adolescents, and adults.

We help individuals and families struggling with numerous issues across all walks of life including:

Adjustment Disorders

Anger Management


Attention Deficit Disorders

Autism Spectrum

Behavioral Issues

Blended Families

Bipolar Disorder

Conduct Disorders

Crisis Intervention

Daily Living Skills



Family Discord

Grief and Loss


Parenting Skills

Peer and Social Issues

Postpartum Depression

Post Traumatic Stress

Relationship Issues


School Related Issues

Self Esteem

Self Harm

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Choices in Counseling is a private practice facility offering individual, couples and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults.
Located in Franklin Indiana, Choices in Counseling was established in October 2008 by Dorian Angebrandt LCSW and Glen Stephenson LCSW to provide professional counseling services to the residents of Johnson and surrounding counties. Our office manager is Hilary Webb, BS. Find out more about us by viewing our Office and Staff pages today.
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Find out more about Choices in Counseling and what we can do to help you and your family improve your view of the future. Continue to explore our web site by using the menu bar above or by clicking on any of the links below:
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Call Choices in Counseling today at (317) 346-6252 with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.
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Last Updated: 6/22/2020