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The following is a general guide to setting up and using the GoToMeeting app for tele-therapy with Dorian. Images may vary slightly depending on the type of device (desktop/mobile) that you are using. Please contact Dorian directly with any additional questions you may have re: setting up and/or using GoToMeeting at (317) 346-06252.
1.Dorian will send you the Meeting ID and a simple password by text or email on the day of your session.

Important Note: The meeting ID will typically be the same ID for each session: 351-538-869 (Dorian Angebrandt’s Meeting Room). Unique passwords will be sent for each individual’s session the morning of the meeting. For extra security/confidentiality Dorian will also LOCK each session after it has begun and the session will remain locked/unavailable for anyone else until the session has ended.
2. When it is time for your appointment, you can either click the “Start GoToMeeting” button found on the Choices in Counseling Home Page (https://choicesincounseling) and on the Enrollment/Scheduling Page (
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OR Enter the Meeting ID: 351-538-869 into any GoToMeeting page and click “JOIN”
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3. The GoToMeeting page for Dorian’s secure meeting room will load. Click “JOIN MY MEETING”.
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Note: If you have already completed the Initial Setup and used GoToMeeting, you may not have to complete the next step (Skip to Step 5). However, if this is your first time using GoToMeeting, the Initial Set-Up in Step 4 may also need to be completed before your session starts.
4. Initial set-up. After clicking “Join My Meeting” you will be prompted to download the GoToMeetingApp (If you haven’t already done so). When the install is complete, GoToMeeting will ask a series of questions to help set-up your device to properly attend the meeting.
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Note: When asked to select your preferred audio source be sure to choose “Computer Audio”. You will also need to Confirm and Allow GoToMeeting to access your computer’s microphone and camera for the meeting.
5. When trying to “Join My Meeting”, you may be notified that the previous meeting hasn’t ended yet and the meeting room is still locked (Desktop example shown below). Please wait until the screen updates after the meeting room has been unlocked and cleared. GoToMeeting will refresh the screen automatically and notify you when you can log in.
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6. When the meeting has been unlocked you will be prompted to enter your name, email address and then password to join the meeting.
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7. Be sure to turn on (Share) your web cam and microphone after joining by clicking the corresponding buttons on the GoToMeeting control panel to allow Dorian to hear and see you throughout the meeting.
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Note: Dorian’s GoToMeeting page can also be accessed directly via the internet directly at the following web address: