Insurance Reimbursement:
Choices in Counseling, LLC will submit claims to most major insurance companies on your behalf. You can view coverages by therapist on our “About” page. Please contact Choices in Counseling, LLC directly to discuss your individual coverage(s).

Individual clinicians may have varying coverage(s) based on the primary clients that they serve. Individual coverages for each clinician can be found on the Choices in Counseling, LLC "About" page or by contacting each therapist directly.

Co-Payments are expected at time of service and will be verified with your primary insurance provider.

Reports, Court Appearances & Requests for Records:
Additional charges will apply to the preparation of reports, preparing records for third party entities and for attending court hearings depending on the nature of the request(s).

The standard hourly rate of $125.00 per/hour will be applied for the generation of reports. Most insurance companies will not reimburse clinicians for report writing or the preparation of records. Fees associated with these services will be the responsibility of the client. In general, as Licensed Clinical Social Workers we
do not complete Disability Determination Paperwork for Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Typically psychologists are required to conduct these type of assessments. A list of area psychologists is available via our ”Links” page.

Reports are typically recommended in lieu of formal court appearances. When required, court appearances are typically billed at a rate of $190.00 per/hour to cover out-of-office travel and expenses up to 100 miles to and from our office on 901 North Main Street in Franklin.

Requests for the preparation of hard copies of records for individual and/or third party use are subject to fees in accordance with the State of Indiana Insurance Regulations (Title 760 Department of Insurance). The following fees will be assessed through Choices in Counseling:

1. $20.00 initial preparation fee per records request (Includes up to 10 individual pages).
2. $0.50 additional preparation fee per additional individual page in excess of 10 pages (pages 11-50).
3. $0.25 additional preparation fee for all pages 51 and higher.
4. Mailing materials and postage costs will be billed to the individual/company requesting records.
5. Rush orders or other special circumstances may incur additional fees up to $20.00 per records request.

NOTE: Due to confidentiality reasons, we are typically unable to email or fax records. Records will be mailed to the individual/company requesting records. 

Call Cancel/No-Show Policy:
Choices in Counseling, LLC will make every effort possible to remind you via phone, text or email 1 day prior to your appointments at our office. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment a minimum of a 6 hour notice is expected to allow other clients to be notified of this available appointment time and to maintain your future scheduled appointments. If you miss an appointment without calling ahead your ability to schedule advance appointments may be limited. A missed appointment fee of $50.00 will be assessed at the clinician’s discretion if advanced notice of a cancelation is not given.

For your convenience Choices in Counseling, LLC accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, money orders, cash and personal checks for payments/co-payments.
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Make Payments Online Through Our Secure Payment Portal:
For your convenience you can make a payment directly to your therapist at Choices in Counseling with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Debit Card** at any time with our secure web payment portal.
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When making a payment through our web portal, please complete our Contact page to send us an email with your name, therapist's name and the client account name/number that the payment should be applied to. Be sure to also include your contact telephone number and/or email should there be any follow-up questions regarding the payment(s) being made.

Click the "Pay Now" button to be redirected
to our online payment portal.

**NOTE: Some Health Savings Cards BLOCK payments made via web portals.**
Please contact Dorian at (317) 346-6252 if you encounter any issues with making payments through our web site.
Sliding Scale Fee/Reduced Rates:
Due to the nature of our contracting with private insurance companies, we are not able to offer reduced rates or utilize a sliding scale fee with our clients. We will make every possible accommodation for those in need of services by offering very low monthly payment plans when needed and by offering mental health coverage through Medicaid and the Healthy Indiana Plan. Please contact us directly to discuss payment options that may be available to you.

We will make every effort to work with you and your family regarding your bill. Failure to make timely payments or honor your individual repayment plan may result in your account being sent to collections. If your account is sent to collections, additional charges may be applied to the overall balance on your account to cover collections costs, attorney and court costs and associated fees. For more information regarding our collections policy please contact our office directly.
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Call Dorian at Choices in Counseling, LLC today at (317) 346-6252 with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.
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